A Closer Look at The New R700 Reactor

We live in a crucial time where customers want to save on manufacturing costs without compromising product quality. Chemical manufacturers often face difficulties in meeting this challenging goal as tight supply, and rising costs have challenged their basic abilities. Nelson Brothers has met these obstacles head-on. The recent launch of the all-new R700 Reactor System marks the latest testament to our commitment to our customers as it unlocks all-new potential for capacity, chemistry, and customization. 

Expanded Capacity
The new reactor system brings valuable production capacity online to rise to the next level of manufacturing for our customers. The reactor itself features an impressive 8,850-gallon capacity and a supporting 66,000 gallons of raw material storage and another 66,000 gallons of finished product storage. It is fully automated and equipped with heating and cooling to make the production process efficient.

A close-up look at the new R700 reactor system


Enhanced Chemistry
The R700 equips Nelson Brothers with technology that permits our engineers to get more granular concerning specific customer needs. With greater temperature tolerance and the latest in vacuum technology, we can produce a broader range of products. "From a partnership perspective, the R700 system offers customers of Nelson Brothers new opportunities to manufacture the product they desire. Its state-of-the-art technology makes it well suited for making PIBSI-based dispersants and related products that drive value," says Kris Knight, Sr. Process Engineer for Nelson Brothers. R700 fits within our custom and toll manufacturing programs and will be used to enable Nelson Brothers' entry into manufacturing Alkenyl succinic anhydrides market segment.

 Continued Customization
The R700 Reactor system has been designed to produce both PIBSI and Anhydride Chemistries. Through ongoing communication with customers, our R&D team is able to identify new ways to achieve their goals by developing custom products.
"This system significantly reinforces the proposition that Nelson Brothers is a viable long-term partner for manufacturing in the lubricants and related industries," says Knight. "At the end of the day, we're increasing efficiency and performance to offer our customers more. This new reactor represents an exciting milestone for our chemicals business." 

The R700 system is truly a solution to maximizing product efficiency and performance through its capacity, chemistry, and customizable features.


The R700 system with supporting 36,000 gallon storage tanks

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