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The Nelson Brothers Parrish facility in central Alabama has a rich history as the flagship property for Nelson Brothers operations. Originally bagging ammonium nitrate for coal mines, it evolved into a center for emulsion explosives production. Today, it houses Nelson Brothers' emulsifiers and specialty chemicals products. We are often asked about the Facility and are pleased to present a virtual reality tour (VR) led by Mr. Shashi Kanth, Director of Explosives Emulsifiers. He oversees emulsifiers' production, testing, and sales for explosives applications and is deeply familiar with the Parrish facility and the many advantages it offers customers.

For best results view the tour in full screen 180° mode. Be sure to rotate your phone screen or click and drag your computer mouse to adjust the field of vision. Click each image below to play the corresponding chapter, or you can watch it all the way through. 


The tour of Parrish starts at the main office. The office is the central hub for our Specialty Chemicals operation and houses our commercial and engineering team members. You'll notice the painted mule outside the door. The town of Parrish gave this symbolic sculpture to commemorate the area's history of coal mining using mules for transport.

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Conference Room

We care deeply about safety at Parrish. Visitors are invited into the conference room for a safety briefing and to be issued proper personal protective equipment during their tour. The conference room also serves as a meeting space to discuss manufacturing projects and any topics customers want to review.


Go to the Conference Room

Visitors are welcome to tour our lab at Parrish. Nelson Brothers has invested in the highest-quality instruments for product testing and design. Our team of Ph.D. chemists is ready and eager to discuss all your unique chemistry needs.

Talk chemsitry in the lab


The Parrish plant is located adjacent to rail access for raw material transport. It features numerous storage vessels and reactors, such as the R700. Recent additions to the plant include fully automated controls and a central control room which help yield more excellent product quality and output. 

Learn about manufacturing


Visitors are welcome to view how finished products get loaded onto trailers and tankers for transport. Our logistics team is knowledgeable in the many types of product storage we offer and how products are delivered to end users worldwide. The primary goal of our logistics team is to serve the customer as economically and efficiently as possible. 

Discover Logistics Options

Mine Site 

Nelson Brothers Specialty Chemicals manufactures emulsifiers for emulsion explosives worldwide– including in Nelson Brothers renowned PowerNel™ emulsion. Visitors on this virtual tour learn more about how emulsifiers from Nelson Brothers make all the difference in performance in the field. 

See Emulsifiers in Action


Enjoy an immersive experience of a real-life quarry blast. Nelson Brothers emulsifiers emerge in PowerNel™ emulsions to create powerful and immediate results!

Experience a Quarry Blast



The Parrish tour concludes back where it began at the main office. We are grateful to all our esteemed guests for their time, and we hope to be the preferred partner for specialty chemical needs. 

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